How and when can you vote?

You don’t have to register as a voter in the Netherlands. When you are living here, you’re required to register as a resident within your municipality (gemeente). You have done so when you moved to the Netherlands. When you are registered as a resident in the Netherlands, you will automatically receive a so-called ‘voting pass’ (stempas) at your home, no less than two weeks before the elections on November 21st.

You can go to any polling place within your municipality with that voting pass and a valid photo-ID – a passport, a European ID card or a Dutch driver’s licence – and vote. Voting is not a very time-consuming process in the Netherlands. Most often, you’re in and out of the polling place in less than ten minutes. You can always ask for instructions on the voting process form the volunteers at your polling place. There are polling places at all Town- and City Halls, at most train stations and at many locations within your municipality. For a complete list of all polling places, see: this map. You can cast your ballot at all polling places within the municipality where you live, not in other municipalities.

Link: map with all voting-booths